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The paths to the Schlernhaus: always rewarding and never really far!


From Seis:

  • 1) By the Seiser Alm cable car to Compatsch on the Seiser Alm, 10 minutes by road to the panoramic lift, ascent to the mountain station; by paths no. 6-5-1 via the Saltner Schwaige to the Schlernhaus – difference in altitude 670m, walking time 2 hours 50 min.
  • 2) By Seiser Alm cabin car to Compatsch on the Seiser Alm; by paths no. 10-5-1 via the Saltner Schwaige - Schlernhaus – difference in altitude 790m – walking time 3 hours 20 min. The ascent from the Saltner Schwaige is called the tourists’ climb; it has been finished very well and offers no difficulties at all.

From Bad Ratzes:

  • 3) from Bad Ratzes (above Seis, bus, parking) path no. 1 via the Schlernbödele mountain hut to the Schlernhaus – difference in altitude 1260m – walking time 4 hours
  • Alternative for really proficient hikers: from the Schlernbödele mountain hut and on path no. 1B, later on no. 1, to the Schlernhaus – difference in altitude and walking time as above; this is known as the “Gamssteig” (chamois ascent). It is exposed in parts and has safety ropes.

From Völs:

  • 4) from the village still on path no. 1 past the Völser Weiher via the Tuffalm and the “Prügelweg” to the Sessel-Alm and the Schlernhaus – difference in altitude 1620m – walking time 5 hours – if starting at the Völser Weiher (car park) difference in altitude 1430m – walking time 4 hours 30 min.
    A somewhat more demanding alternative: at the wayside cross named after Peter Frag at the beginning of the striking ravine turn left on path no. 3, turn at what is known as the Schäufelesteig and climb up to the Schlernhaus; difference in altitude and walking time more or less as above
  • From Ums (car park, bus) take path no. 3 via the Hofer Alpl up to path no. 1 as far as Peter Frag and continue as above – difference in altitude 1550m – walking time 4 hours 45 min.

From Tiers:

  • 5) From Weißlahnbad (car park) on path no. 2 through the Bärenfalle to the Schlernhaus - difference in altitude 1280m – walking time 4 hours.